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Founded in 1917, Altrusa International, Inc. is a world-wide organization of executives and professional leaders who are dedicated to improving their communities through personal service.  Altrusa was started as a women's organization but today is open to everyone.  Through more than 390 clubs and approximately 10,000 members, Altrusans pool their resources and talents to achieve what individuals alone cannot.  Altrusans believe that people working together can make a difference...and are willing to prove it! 

Altrusa International of Temple, Texas, Inc. seeks women and men of like mind to become Altrusans to develop ideas and to lead the community with projects that make an impact on the quality of life for everyone.  Lives are changed with the combined talents and skills of Altrusans everyday.


2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Noon
Country Lane Seniors Community
2916 Country Lane Drive
Temple, TX  76504
United States
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Current Stories
How exciting that we have ten proposed projects that will be presented to the Board at tomorrow's meeting.  Typically I don't mention the proposed projects until after they have Board approval, however, there is one project that I want everyone to start thinking about.  It is Harvey Evacuee Project ~ School Support.  Altrusa of Temple has been contacted by Sgt Jonathon Shiflet from Fort Hood to assist in collecting and purchasing school supplies and providing hands-on support for Fairview Elementary in the Killeen ISD.  The children that have been relocated to our area and are elementary aged will attend Fairview.  They have nothing to start this school year with, not even their own home.  Julie Ruiz and Kathy Foley are coordinating this project and we will be contacting other local Altrusa Clubs to join us in this endeavor.
Altrusans joined local firemen, karate teachers, Army soldiers, moms, dads, and grandparents in welcoming K-5th graders to their first day of school this morning at Hector P. Garcia Elementary.  It was so fun and refreshing to see these kids so excited to get back to school! Most of them anyway, there were a few that were a little intimidated to come through the welcome line without a few tears.
The Service Committee is scheduled to meet at Julie Ruiz's home on Thursday, August 31 at 5:30 pm.  If you have a Proposed Project to submit to the committee, please email to Julie (julie_ruiz@yahoo.com) prior to Thursday afternoon.  We have an updated Project Proposal submittal form.  It is a fillable form and will be on the home page of our website by end of the week.
Our Governor Linda Moore has sent notice out to all Presidents to see if any Altrusans and their families have been directly hit by Hurricane Harvey or it's wrath of flooding.  If you know of any, please let Linda know.  The District will be submitting a request for an immediate grant for disaster relief funds from the International Foundation. 
What we can do locally is donate to the Vista Community Church.  Check their website at  (www.thevista.tv/Harvey) for an updated list of the items needed.  As of Monday evening, they have all they need in way of clothing and basic hygiene items.  They could use basic first aid kits, infant medications, diaper rash cream soy infant formula, diapers (size 6 and newborn), pull-ups (size 2T, 3T and 4T), and facial tissue.
If you have an idea or thought of a District Wide service project to help these victims, please contact Governor Linda Moore.
Please keep these families in your prayers for the next several weeks as the cleanup gets started.
My dear friends, I only had three Altrusans accept my ClubRunner Challenge from the last bulletin.  I would like all Altrusans to feel comfortable getting the basic information into and out of ClubRunner, so we're going to take a few baby steps to get everyone logged in and maneuvering around in this software.
Please log into ClubRunner at altrusatemple.org.  Once you get to the main public page, send me a text or email and comment one thing you like about the page. (254-718-2870 or Theresa_Altrusa@yahoo.com)
Then go ahead and log into the Member Area and send me a note of what you see when you are logged in.  Of course, also let me know if you can't log on.  So to complete this challenge, you will send me a note with two comments, what you like about the first Public Site page and what you see when you log into the Member Area.
I hope to see lots of comments and not many "I forgot my password" messages.  But that's okay, we'll reset your password and get you going right away!
Now, who's going to accept my Challenge?  Next Bulletin, there will be a new Challenge, so let's get started.
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Celebrating a Centenary of Service

President Silvia has appointed a Centenary Committee who have been charged with coordinating Altrusa’s 100th Birthday celebrations. 11th April 2017 is a special day and we are hoping that clubs and districts will look at ways that Altrusans around the world can celebrate this achievement. Each district has a representative on the committee which is chaired by President Elect Leanne Milligan.
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